These lessons are for experienced cardicians who wish to take their sleight of hand card skills to the next level.

After a ‘free’ private Zoom consultation, lessons will be tailored to suit the aims and aspirations of the student.

Here are some examples of the techniques and sleights that can be taught, although this list is not exhaustive.

Second, Centre and Bottom dealing
Erdnase SWE Shift
Erdnase Open Shift
Advanced Palming techniques
Multiple Shifts
False Overhand Shuffles
Tabled Strip Out Shuffle
Tabled Push Through Shuffle
Classic Pass
Riffle Pass
Top Card Cover Pass
Various False Cuts
Faro work and the finer points
Side Steal
One Handed False Dealing Techniques

Any professional routines discussed during the lesson will also be taught.

All lessons will be recorded which will enable students to go back and enjoy the learning experience as often as they wish.

All tutorials will be conducted via *(Zoom) video conferencing.

*(Zoom) video conferencing provides a robust platform for live online tutorials and meetings, pairing full audio and video conferencing capabilities with content sharing, desktop recording, and lecture capture.

NB Contact George for more details or to enquire about a 'free' consultation.